Easy ALB

Once your members have finished their Competent Communicator Manual and their Competent Leadership Manual and have served six months as a Club Officer, they are only two speeches away from an ALB, Advanced Leader Bronze Award.

One more requirement, they are expected to participate in preparing a Club Success Plan of member accomplishments for the program year. To do this plan, have one officer present the "How to Become a Distinguished Club" Speech from the Successful Club Series of Advanced Manuals. This presentation takes 15 minutes during which the speaker asks all members what their club goals are. This information will be quite useful for also planning your Area Governor's Club Visit Report. There are incentives for finishing these DCP reports and visits before September 9.

As for the two speeches to complete the ALB, select any two from the Successful Club Series:

The Moments Of Truth  (Item 290)
Finding New Members For Your Club  (Item 291)
Evaluate To Motivate  (Item 292)
Closing the Sale  (Item 293)
Creating The Best Club Climate  (Item 294)
Meeting Roles and Responsibilities  (Item 295)
Mentoring  (Item 296)
Keeping the Commitment  (Item 297)
Going Beyond Our Club  (Item 298)
How To Be A Distinguished Club  (Item 299)
The Toastmasters Educational Program  (Item 300)


Alternatively, you can select one or both of these required speeches from the Leadership Excellence Series:

The Visionary Leader  (Item 311)
Developing a Mission  (Item 312)
Goal Setting and Planning  (Item 314)
Delegate to Empower  (Item 315)
Building a Team  (Item 316)
Giving Effective Feedback  (Item 317)
The Leader as a Coach  (Item 318)
Motivating People  (Item 319)
Service and Leadership (Item 320)
Resolving Conflict  (Item 321)

Yes, the presenter does learn more than the listener, but look at all these nifty topics and think what they will do for your personal growth and for growth in your club too.


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